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CBOL is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality parts sourced from a wide variety of approved U.S. vendors. We supply an extensive line of hardware parts to over 100 leading aerospace, military and commercial manufacturers, and OEMs, located worldwide.

Wide Variety
CBOL can source an extremely wide variety of hardware parts including self-locking fasteners, aircraft fasteners, hi-shear products, rivets, pins, collars, inserts and related tooling from top quality manufacturers. We help you to balance your inventory and reduce cost by maintaining an extensive JIT stock list of bolts, rivets, washers, bushings, gang channels, screws, nuts, pins, bearings, clamps, fittings, specialty turbine engine components and seals, supporting the required specifications including AN, AS, ASNA, BAC, DIN, EN, LN, MS, NAS, NASM and NSA. We are a leading supplier to GE OEMs for engine fasteners for the J85, J79, F110, LM2500, CF34, CT7 and F-404-GE-102 engines.

CBOL coordinates the logistics for all ocean, air and ground transportation. We provide efficient export packaging including Hazmat packing and shipping, IPPC/HT treatment specifications for wooden crates, IATA documentation, kitting, LTA/JIT/AOG, as well as required export licenses. Our buying power allows us to achieve lower freight costs by consolidating shipping containers.

Hardware Components

Certified Quality
CBOL supplies products produced by approved sources that are certified to meet all U.S. and international standards for manufacturing and quality control. CBOL's network of approved sources brings you a wide selection of hardware products, which are delivered when and where you need them. Our suppliers operate under ISO 9001 guidelines.

Product Line
We supply products from the following manufacturers :

•  Acra Aerospace
•  Aerospace Engineering
•  Aeroquip
•  Air Industries
•  Airdrome
•  Alcoa Fasteners
•  Allfast
•  Allpower Manufacturing
•  Anillo
•  Berkshire
•  BCD Metal Products
•  Blue Sky Manufacturing
•  Bristol
•  California Screw
•  Camloc
•  Carlson Formatec
•  Cherry / Textron
•  Crane Resistoflex Co.
•  Dowels
•  FIT
•  Groove Pin
•  GS Precision
•  Helicoil
•  Hi-Shear
•  Huck International
•  Mecair
•  Moeller Manufacturing
•  Monadnock / LISI
•  M&M Manufacturing
•  MS Aerospace
•  Nelson Aerospace
•  Parker Composite / Sealing System
•  PB Fasteners
•  Republic Fastners
•  SPS Technologies
•  Tomco Machining
•  Tube Specialties
•  Umpco Clamps
•  Sky Manufacturing
•  Sterling Machine
•  Van Petty Manufacturing
•  Valley-Todeco

•   and many more...

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