Approved Sources
CBOL is single source service provider for maintenance, repair and overhaul in airframe structure, power plants, components, accessories, avionics and test stands from approved OEM licensees, Military approved and FAA-certified providers. We have decades of experience to support fixed and rotary wing aircraft in both commercial and military platform.

Comprehensive Services
CBOL provides a single source for complete aircraft maintenance and modification to all areas including everything from programmed depot maintenance (PDM), unscheduled maintenance and manufacturing to mission systems modification in aircraft system, component and subcomponent level. We have the expertise to conduct Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) service on military aircraft as well as Corrosion control program for heavily utilized aging aircraft. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing each customer with individualized to meet the entire spectrum of sustainment needs.

Value Added
CBOL's value-added service ensures that you will receive your parts on time and ready to be fully operational immediately. We offer fast turn-around to solve AOG and other critical lead time challenges. We also offer outright sales, exchange programs and scrap replacement on many systems components and accessories. With extensive access to spare parts, structure part manufacturing along with design engineering and system integration effort, we can provide substantial savings in cost.

Certified Quality
CBOL's quality system is certified to ISO9001/AS9120 standards and its network of providers are approved by FAA, EASA and U.S. military as well as other applicable international aviation authorities and foreign defense departments. We assure the highest level of quality performance, best value and schedules that meet or exceed your maintenance and operational needs.

Scope of Service
We provide a single solution for comprehensive maintenance repair and overhaul services to maintain up to date operational capability for our customers.

Airframe / Structure

CBOL has full manufacturing and modification capabilities within the facility to provide complete structural repairs, paint/depaint operation, and exterior/interior refurbishment. We perform maintenance, repair, and modification on sheet metal. Composite/tubular structures, and control surfaces including Fuselage, Tailbooms, Elevators, Leading Edges, Rib Assemblies, Fairings, Doors, Cowlings, etc.

Avionics / Instrumentation

CBOL offers repair and modification of Integrated Air Data Computers, Navigation System, Digital Automatic Flight Control Systems (DAFCS), Imbedded GPS Navigation System, Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS), Attitude Director Indicator, Horizontal Situation Indicator, Multifunctional Displays.

Powerplant / Engine

CBOL offers troubleshooting, full inspection, repair, overhaul/exchange on turboprops, turbine engines covering Bleed Valves, Blade, Combustion Liner, Compressor, Fuel Nozzle, Gear box, Power section, Shaft and Seals. We have full backshop capabilities to perform brazing, nondestructive testing, surface coating, stripping and welding.

Component and Accessory

CBOL has the capabilities to repair and overhaul components and accessories of Electro-mechanical, Environmental Control, Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Landing Gear systems sucg as Actuator, Generator, Brake Control Valve, Brake Assemblies, Constant Speed Drives, Frequency Controller, Fuel Pump, Fuel Nozzle, Hydraulic Pump, Jet Fuel Starter, Gearboxes, Nose and Main Gear Struts, Integrated Servo Actuators, Oxygen Converters, Power Supply, Solenoid and Vent Valves.

Platforms Supported

F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18, B737, B747, B767, B777, MD-80/90, L-1011, KC-135, C-130, E-2C, P-3, Bell 212, Bell 412, AH/UH-1, s-70, uh-60, s-76, ah-64, ch-47

Power Plant

T56-A-14, T55-L-712, T58-GE-16, F100-PW-100/220E, F110-GE-129, J79-GE-17, 250-B17F, 250-C20B, PT6A-20/21/38, MK542-10/10K, T62

Casting & Forging
Precision Metal Parts
Hardware & Dampers
Critical Fasteners
Specialty Chemicals
PCBs & Wire Harnesses
Space Industry
Aerospace & Defense Industry Products
Underhood Power Generator (Military)
Rubber, Plastics & Ceramics
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