Energy & Science


    CBOL supplies raw materials and components to the nuclear industry. We offer significant cost savings for high end nuclear consumables such as high alloy welding rods, zircaloy nuclear cladding tubes, and steam generator (SG) tubing.

    Our global network of manufacturers and suppliers enable us to provide the highest quality materials with any specifications such as ASME section III N-stamped certified parts at the most competitive prices.

    We also offer products the nuclear industry relies on for reactor coolant sampling and analysis systems, continuous air sampling systems, dosimeter/ratemeters, and decontamination cleaning solutions.

    Green Tech

    CBOL supplies parts for alternative energy sources, including components for wind and solar energy systems, clean coal and more efficient petroleum and chemical products that reduce pollution in the environment.

    CBOL is also a supplier for water purification system. With systems for desalinization of sea water as well as for industrial purification use, CBOL can meet the most stringent purification needs. These could include healthcare, pharmaceuticals, drinking water, waste water reclamation and industrial rinsing.

    In addition, CBOL provides the latest environmental detection devices, including ambient air monitoring, stack monitoring and broader based monitoring systems such as balloon borne, remotely piloted and satellite enhanced ground based systems.

    Medical/Science Products

    CBOL offers the most sophisticated equipment available for medical research, diagnosis and treatment. Whether it’s equipment for cancer research or reverse osmosis water purification for kidney dialysis, we provide high quality products capable of meeting the most stringent requirements. Our vast array products include medical lasers, surgical equipment, microvascular technology, diagnostic imaging and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for hospitals.

    Research & Development


    CBOL supplies products in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, immunology, bioengineering and related scientific research and development fields. With our extensive product line including microscopes, ultra-high purity filters, histoembedders, regulators, chromatography and electrophoresis equipment, we help our customers maintain the most sophisticated research facilities.


    CBOL provides the most up-to-date hi-tech products for governmental R & D needs to meet the most rigorous Defense industry requirements. Laser communications, iris recognition systems, infrared scanners, EMI shielding and radar technology, oscilloscopes, spectrophotometers, measurement and control equipment are just some of the scientific products CBOL offers to its government customers.