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CBOL is a supplier of precision seatbelts for both automotive applications as well as various other industrial applications. We produce these seatbelts to meet the most demanding OEM specifications in a broad spectrum of industries such as FMVSS 209 and 302 of USA and Euro NCAP requirements. CBOL supplies these quality belts, utilizing time-tested methods as well as new and innovative manufacturing technologies in accordance with your highest quality standards.

Variety of Sizes and Configurations
Employing both seatbelt sizes (2-pt. and 3-pt.) and numerous configurations such as the use of Retractors, Buckles, Tongues and Guide Loops, CBOL can provide many types of seatbelt products. The use of Height Adjusters and Lower Anchors can also play an integral part in the determination of the right seatbelt product for your needs. Each seatbelt goes through twenty three individual tests, such as the Dynamic Test, Buckle Release Force Tester, Retracting Force Tester, Buckle Durability Tester, and Micro Slip Tester before it is packaged and shipped. CBOL's sales team and engineers work with you from concept to blueprint, to first article and production, in order to deliver the precise part to meet your requirements.

Seatbelt Features Information  

2-point Belt

3-point Belt

CBOL coordinates the logistics for all ocean, air and ground transportation. Whether you require special packaging, labeling, consignment terms or Just-In-Time delivery, we are ready to design a supply package that meets your needs and reduces your overall product cost.

Certified Quality
CBOL supplies products produced by the sources that are certified to meet US and international standards for manufacturing and quality control. Our manufacturing facilities brings you diversity in design, a wide selection of alloys, critical dimensions, close tolerances and superior surface finish resulting in high quality products, which are delivered when and where you need them. Our suppliers operate under the guidelines of ISO 9001 and/or ISO/TS 16949, with capabilities to generate PPAP and process control documentation utilizing electronic monitoring devices. Our quality control objective is zero defects for all delivered parts.

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