Aerospace & Defense Industry Products

    CBOL is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality parts sourced from approved U.S. vendors. CBOL also sources parts and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) supplies to commercial airlines. CBOL supplies spares parts and subsystems for many military programs including: UH-60, CH-47, C-130, F-16, F-15, F-4/5, T-50/A-50, KT-1, KUH, MRAP/MATV, Military vehicles, K-9 New Self-Propelled Howitzer, K1A1 (Tank) Upgun and Navy vessels.

    Wide Variety of Materials

    CBOL's range of products and sources ensures that we can satisfy the ever-evolving OEM program and aftermarket. We support both government and military customers all around the world. Products include:

    Bolts and Screws

    • Vulcanized (Molding) Cable Assemblies for Immersion
    • Protection technology
    • Integration devices for networked video
    • Integrated Navigation System
    • AC, DC, AD/DC Generator
    • Hydraulic Actuator Systems
    • Hydraulic Motors
    • APU Starter
    • AC/DC Brush & Brushless Motors & Motor Controllers
    • Electromechanical Actuator Systems
    • Non-Destructive Test & A-C Scanning machines (Gantry & Horizontal)
    • Data Acquisition and Analysis Systems
    • High Pressure & Temperature Hoses and Fittings for Air and Hydraulic
    • Sensors / Chip Collectors
    • Pressure & Switches
    • NVIS Electric Switches
    • Electric Relays
    • Circuit Breakers
    • NVIS Cockpit Controls
    • Displays
    • Landing Gear Systems
    • Landing Gear Controls
    • Trim Control
    • Engine Subsystems
    • Arc-Alert Circuit Interrupters
    • Fuel Systems
    • Ammunition Auto-Feeding & Storage System
    • Remote Control Weapon Systems

    Vulcanized (Molding) Cable Assemblies
    for Immersion

    PIC Wire & Cable


    CBOL coordinates the logistics for all ocean, air and ground transportation. We provide efficient export packaging including hazardous material and explosive shipping, IPPC/HT treatment specifications for wooden crates, IATA documentation, kitting, LTA/JIT/AOG, as well as export licenses. Our extensive knowledge on ITAR regulations ensures us to achieve full compliance.

    Certified Quality

    When required, CBOL can supply products produced by suppliers who adhere to the requirements of U.S. and international standards for manufacturing and quality control. Our network of approved sources brings you a wide selection of alloys, critical dimensions, which are delivered when and where you need them.