Critical Fasteners

    CBOL is a supplier of critical fasteners to OEMs. Our network of manufacturers provides a broad spectrum of externally-threaded, internally-threaded, and cold-headed fasteners to the aerospace, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries. We supply from the manufacturers that employ the latest technologies to produce high strength, critical tolerance parts that meet the most demanding OEM specifications.

    Wide Variety

    CBOL's extensive network of manufacturers allows us to source thousands of types of fasteners, including hot-and cold-forged parts, for a broad range of applications.

    Cold Forged Parts


    CBOL coordinates the logistics for all ocean, air and ground transportation. Whether you require special packaging, labeling, consignment terms or Just-In-Time delivery, we are ready to offer a supply package that meets your needs and reduces your overall product cost.

    Certified Quality

    When required, CBOL can supply products produced by suppliers who adhere to the requirements of U.S. and international standards for manufacturing and quality control. CBOL's network of manufacturers brings you a wide selection of critical fastener products, which are delivered when and where you need them. When required, CBOL can provide PPAP and process control documentation created from electronic monitoring devices.

    Product Line

    Bolts and Screws

    • Cylinder Head Bolt
    • Tie Rod Pins
    • Ball Studs
    • Bearing Cap Bolt
    • Self-Clenching Screws
    • Sems
    • Con Rod Bolt
    • Plug Bolts
    • Pins
    • Pulley Lock Bolt
    • Flywheel Bolts
    • Washers
    • Hub Bolt
    • Hex Stud Bolts
    • Stator Bolts
    • Tie Rod Bolt
    • Hex Socket Bolts
    • Washer Assy Hex Bolt
    • Hose Bend Screws
    • Flange Bolt
    • Refrigerator Compressor Bolts
    • Stud Bolt
    • Machine, Tapping, Taptite Screws

    Nuts and Other Parts

    • Flange Nut
    • Round Nut
    • Wheel Bearing
    • Slotted Nut
    • Square Nut
    • Cap Valve
    • Wheel (Hub) Nut
    • Combi Nut
    • Ring
    • Wiper Cap Nut
    • Castle Nut
    • Hex Nuts (standard, heavy, jam, high, long)
    • Piston Pin
    • Weld Nut
    • Nylon Nut
    • Tappet Engine Valve
    • Con Rod Nut
    • Pipe Nut
    • Joint Oil Filter
    • Self-Locking Nut
    • Seat Belt Nut
    • Neck Ring, Eye Ring