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    CBOL's Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

    CBOL Corporation was founded on the premise that there should be a balance between work, community, and personal life. Over the years, CBOL has developed policies and practices that support this premise. One such practice is our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan ("CSRP").

    CBOL encourages active participation in its CSRP by enabling every CBOL member to choose how to give back to his/her own community. CBOL members may volunteer within an organization of their choice, two days per year, whether it be through a church, or school, or other outreach program. Additionally, CBOL gives upwards of 10% of its profits to charitable organizations. CBOL will also consider matching donations and sponsorships for its members.

    Notably CBOL matched employee contributions for the American Red Cross, Hurricane Katrina Fund, Tsunami Fund and has contributed generously to PCI, the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, The Korea Society, Town Hall Los Angeles, and employee interests, such as the National MS Walk.

    At CBOL, family and community are important.
    Pictured here from Left to Right: Faith, Andy, Becky, Eliza, Yevin, and Madison.

    Pacific Century Institute

    The Pacific Century Institute (PCI), founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization, is a multi-national organization working with a broad spectrum of individuals and groups to foster education, policy dialogue and research in the Pacific Rim region.

    PCI supports Asian studies programs at regional universities, and has disseminated over 200,000 Asian language books to universities and schools, laying the groundwork for future research, seminars and support.

    Additionally, PCI's work includes research and scholarly exchange on regional issues, including the sponsorship and participation of numerous conferences. PCI has also entered into joint projects with other organizations to sponsor and provide resources for various fellowships and scholarships.

    CBOL actively supports PCI through its donations and generous contribution of time by CBOL employees and their families. Please visit PCI at for more information.