Global Sourcing, Local Purchasing

    Global Sourcing

    CBOL supplies its OEM customers with a wide variety of high quality engineered parts, assemblies and subassemblies sourced from a world-wide network of manufacturers. Our network of manufacturers offers a full range of manufacturing capabilities utilizing the latest technologies for the production of high volume, precision dimension and mission critical parts.

    Local Purchasing

    CBOL is a U.S.-based company that serves as a one-stop source for its domestic customers and for a wide range of products including Critical Fasteners, Castings, Gas Springs and Dampers, Precision Metal Parts, Rubber and Plastic Parts and PCBs and Wire Harnesses. By eliminating the complexities and risks of international sourcing we allow our customers to benefit from participation in the global market.

    We are often able to achieve tooling and part cost reductions of up to 50%. Moreover, CBOL's competitive payment terms and available consignment or JIT services offer you all of the value-added and customer-oriented services you expect, but at a price that will improve your bottom line.

    Certified Quality

    At CBOL we stand behind what we sell and with good reason. The products supplied by CBOL are produced by manufacturers who adhere to the requirements of domestic and international standards for manufacturing and quality control. When required, CBOL can provide detailed PPAP and process control documentation. We are committed to your total satisfaction and work diligently to address any and every quality concern.

    Delivered to Your Dock

    CBOL provides its OEM customers a turnkey solution for sourcing high quality parts at lower cost. We shop the worldwide market, find qualified offshore manufacturers and eliminate the problems associated with global logistics. Our import team takes responsibility for all ocean, air and ground transportation, as well as the required import duties and customs clearance documentation. Greater buying power allows us to achieve lower freight costs through consolidated shipping containers. We deliver your products directly to your loading dock with dependability, reliability and consistency.

    CBOL Corporation... offering U.S. customers cost savings through participation in the global market.